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Your Resource Room is only a few days away!

Handle as much as you want to

We know how busy Practice Managers are – and we also know how they’re in charge of just about everything in the practice.

We can help you find a happy medium; at least as far as your Resource Room goes.  You can handle as much or as little as you want – all the way from everything to nothing!  Here’s what we can do to help those of you on the “as little as you want” side of the equation:

  • Creation of Staff user accounts - $8 per user
    We’ll set up User accounts for everyone in your practice and assign them to permission groups. All we need from you is their names, email addresses and job titles.

  • Creation of document folders - $9 per folder
    We’ll create folders (and subfolders if needed) for each of your document types and assign permissions to each one.

  • Uploading of your documents - $2 per document
    We can convert your documents to PDF format and upload them to the desired folders.

  • Video file upload to and embed on a Resource Room page - $25 per video
    We’ll upload your video files to your YouTube account (or to ours if you don’t have one yet) and embed them on a new page in your Resource Room.

  • Documents rebuilt to clean PDF format – $100 to $250 per page
    Every practice has documents that have been around forever and sometimes look like it. If you can’t find the digital files for some of your documents and they could use a facelift, we can recreate them as brand new PDF files.

  • PDF forms converted to submittable PDF – $125 to $250 per page
    If your in-house forms still require your people to print them, fill them out, and forward them to the proper person in the practice, we can convert them to fillable PDFs. They’re crisp and clean, visually the same as the original, fillable online and submittable directly to the person in your practice who needs to receive them (and they’re legible!).