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Touch Base

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Your Resource Room is only a few days away!

We don’t want to deal with changing our practice website - now what?
Your Resource Room doesn’t live on your website – it lives on ours.  We’ll create a specific location on our secure, dedicated server just for your practice.

We can’t find digital copies of all our documents – some are just paper.
Happens all the time. Just stick them in the mail and we’ll scan and convert them to a digital format for a nominal fee.

What if they’re in pretty bad shape?
We can re-create just about anything and make it look brand new. Send it in and we’ll give you a quick price.

Can you help our internal forms work more efficiently?
Absolutely.  We can rebuild them as submittable PDFs that are filled out online and sent to anyone in your practice.  Contact us for pricing.

Can we upload Word or Excel or PDF or JPEG or TXT or...
Yes.  Everything except video files (they get uploaded to YouTube® and embedded in your Resource Room).

Can we upload patient information?
No, the Resource Room is for practice documents only, and is not configured to hold electronic patient health information.

How secure are our documents?
No one is able to enter your Resource Room without a username and password.  We can even set up Two Factor Authentication for a nominal fee, which requires the entry of an additional numeric code which is texted to the user’s smart phone.  See a detailed description of our security system here.