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Your Resource Room is only a few days away!

Staff MessagingWouldn’t it be great if there was a system available where you could send an instant message to anyone in the practice and they’d see it as soon as they logged into the Resource Room?

And they could reply to you the same way?

And it was all within your Resource Room system and didn’t use any outside email or texting service?

Well, there is! And it’s integrated right into our system and available to the Resource Room Administrator.

Make your voice heard

Our Instant Messaging system is strictly for communication between the Resource Room Administrator (you, in this scenario) and the rest of the staff.  You can send a text message – with attachments if desired – to any individual or group in the system, and they can send messages back to you.

You can make sure they’re aware

You’ll have the option to send a copy of the message via email as well, and the recipient can see the body of the message there without having to log into the Resource Room to read it.