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Your Resource Room is only a few days away!

Computer system security is a never-ending, ever-changing pursuit.  We’ve endeavored to make the Resource Room contents available to only the user accounts that you create – accounts that can be disabled if necessary in a single click.

Login Security

SecurityThe standard login credentials are a unique username and password. When you add a practice member to your User Directory, you assign the username and a standard password. The first time a user logs in they are required to change their password (which must meet typical requirements - at least 8 characters, at least one symbol, one number, one capital letter).  They can change it again later, if desired.

Needless to say, if a user writes their login info on a Post-it note and sticks it on their monitor, or gives it to another user when they’re on vacation, security is somewhat compromised.  The good thing is that the login usually stays within your practice. But if you want to be sure:

There is another level of security that we can add to your Resource Room called Two Factor Authentication.  This concept prevents anyone but that user gaining access to their account – in addition to the username and password, the login requires the entry of a constantly changing numeric code which is sent to the user’s smartphone during login. Please contact us for more information

Document Security

Secure DocumentYour users can always send a downloaded document file to someone outside the practice, but we’ll assume that your fellow practice members are a trustworthy bunch (and they can do it right now anyway, either with digital files or hard copy). But if you want to be sure:

We have a special, high-security option available for documents (like meeting minutes) that you may not want to allow anyone to do anything with except read. This program converts your PDF document into a Secure Flipbook which, in addition to being presented in an easy-to-read flipbook format, makes your document unable to be downloaded, printed, or viewed anywhere but inside your Resource Room.  Please contact us for more information.

System Security

System SecurityThe threat of outside hacking is always out there for any website – if a hacker wants to get in badly enough, they’ll get in.  The saving factor here is that they’re usually looking for credit card or bank account numbers, social security numbers, or electronic patient health information. Since none of will be available in your Resource Room, it won’t be a very attractive target. Your Resource Room is also not going to be a part of your practice’s website, so it’ll be difficult for anyone targeting you to locate it (we prevent search engines from indexing any content). And even if they did get in, the names of all your document files are encrypted, and thus not able to be searched for.

In any event, your Resource Room will provide far greater security than whatever your practice is probably using right now to store and manage all your stuff!